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The Only Complete Alarm Management Solution

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AgileOps is the industry’s first truly unified and complete alarm management execution environment. Take unprecedented command of your plant and alarm system to meet real business needs by earning more and spending less. Do all of the things you wish process control had helped you do all along. It is dynamic alarm management and control for the agile enterprise.

Interface Dynamics

Complete Display Library

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Interface Dynamics is a human-machine interface (HMI) shape library that was developed to provide operators with a clean, reliable interface. This allows the plant to operate safely by resolving plant problems quickly and efficiently by identifying areas of operation that are deviating from desired values and encourage operator response. 

Control Dynamics

Optimize plant performance

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Control Dynamics is a complete software solution that includes basic control templates and Advanced Process Control (APC) algorithms. Through these two powerful modules, operators and engineers can take advantage of a wide variety of pre-designed and tested solutions to maximize plant performance more easily and efficiently.

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